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lab ci create

Create a CI pipeline


Run the CI pipeline for the given or current branch if none provided. This API uses your GitLab token to create CI pipelines

Project will be inferred from branch if not provided

Note: “lab ci create” differs from “lab ci trigger” which is a different API

lab ci create [branch] [flags]


lab ci create feature_branch
lab ci create -p engineering/integration_tests master


  -h, --help             help for create
  -p, --project string   project to create pipeline on

Options inherited from parent commands

      --bridge string   Bridge job (downstream pipeline) name
      --debug           Enable debug logging level
      --follow          Follow bridge jobs (downstream pipelines) in a multi-projects setup
      --no-pager        Do not pipe output into a pager
      --quiet           Turn off any sort of logging. Only command output is printed


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