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lab ci view

View, run, trace, and/or cancel CI jobs current pipeline


Supports viewing, running, tracing, and canceling jobs.

The key navigates and confirms. Also supports vi style (hjkl,Gg) bindings and arrow keys for navigating jobs and logs.

‘r’, ‘p’ to run/retry/play a job ‘t’ to toggle trace/logs (runs in background) ‘T’ to toggle trace/logs (suspending application) ‘c’ to cancel job

lab ci view [remote [branch/tag]] [flags]


lab ci view
lab ci view upstream --merge-request
lab ci view upstream --merge-request --bridge 'security-tests'


  -h, --help            help for view
      --merge-request   use merge request pipeline if enabled

Options inherited from parent commands

      --bridge string   Bridge job (downstream pipeline) name
      --debug           Enable debug logging level
      --follow          Follow bridge jobs (downstream pipelines) in a multi-projects setup
      --no-pager        Do not pipe output into a pager
      --quiet           Turn off any sort of logging. Only command output is printed


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