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lab issue note

Add a note or comment to an issue on GitLab

lab issue note [remote] <id>[:<comment_id>] [flags]


lab issue note 1
lab issue note 2 -F test_file --force-linebreak
lab issue note origin 2 -m "a message" -m "another one"
lab issue note upstream 1:613278106 --quote


  -F, --file string           use the given file as the message
      --force-linebreak       append 2 spaces to the end of each line to force markdown linebreaks
  -h, --help                  help for note
  -m, --message stringArray   use the given <msg>; multiple -m are concatenated as separate paragraphs
      --quote                 quote note in reply

Options inherited from parent commands

      --debug      Enable debug logging level
      --no-pager   Do not pipe output into a pager
      --quiet      Turn off any sort of logging. Only command output is printed


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