Lab wraps Git or Hub, making it simple to clone, fork, and interact with repositories on GitLab

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lab merge-request

Open a merge request on GitLab


Creates a merge request (MR created on origin master by default)

lab merge-request [remote [branch]] [flags]


      --allow-collaboration    Allow commits from other members
  -a, --assignee string        Set assignee by username
  -h, --help                   help for merge-request
  -l, --label strings          Add label <label>; can be specified multiple times for multiple labels
  -m, --message strings        Use the given <msg>; multiple -m are concatenated as separate paragraphs
      --milestone int          Set milestone by milestone ID (default -1)
  -d, --remove-source-branch   Remove source branch from remote after merge
  -s, --squash                 Squash commits when merging


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